OSU students (well, college students in general) enjoy being safe. Whenever a crime occurs on campus that has a continuing safety threat, OSU sends every student and staff an email briefly explaining the crime. However, OSU doesn't send crime alerts for all crimes that occur on and around campus (where many students live). The reality is that we live in a dangerous world, and we want to be aware of what is happening around us.


AwareOSU visits the Columbus Police Department's unofficial web report portal (to find off-campus crimes committed in zone 4, more on zone 4 later) and the OSU Police department's daily log system, finds information related to crimes committed in the university area the previous day, and sends this information out to users.

For users who select the daily delivery option, AwareOSU will send an email each morning at 10:15 AM containing crime information from the previous day. For users who select the weekly delivery option, AwareOSU will send an email containing crime information from the previous week at 10:20 AM every Saturday morning.

AwareOSU also performs analytics. On the first day of every month, AwareOSU will send out a detailed report to users containing breakdowns of crime occurrances, locations, and monthly trends.

Great overview. What is the code actually doing?

Please note: AwareOSU is run on a Raspberry Pi.


Daily Email From AwareOSU

Daily email

Daily email

Weekly Email From AwareOSU

Weekly email

Weekly email

Monthly AwareOSU Analytics Report (Sample Data)

Crime Occurances

Crime Locations

Busiest Days


Off-campus crime information is pulled from parts of Zone 4 (Districts 30, 33, 34, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 50, and 53), visualized here

Interactive map

Why are some crimes listed multiple times?

For example:

Sometimes you may see crimes listed multiple times in a digest

This is because some crimes may have multiple victims, as seen on the Columbus Police Department's web portal: Multiple crimes

Currently, victim names aren't included in the digest. Even though this is publically accessible information, I'm not sure how comfortable people would feel with names being emailed to AwareOSU users.


  1. Develop AwareOSU mobile applications for Android and iOS.
    • AwareOSU for Android has been released! Download it here.
    • AwareOSU for iOS is currently being developed.

How to sign up

Visit the AwareOSU Google form to sign-up for either a daily or weekly delivery option.





Crimes listed on CPD's web portal is not representative of all crimes that have occurred.